At Nita’s All Washed Up Dry Cleaning, we offer the the best service and experience for you and your clothing.  We are capable of providing a range of techniques to ensure that your garments are properly treated, restored, and delivered to you.

Your clothes are checked for stains and then treated before we send them through a modern dry cleaning plant.  After they are cleaned, we make sure your shirts are crisp and your pants are creased just the way you like them.

Perfect for when you want your everyday clothes washed, folded, and ready to put in a drawer. We use the best soaps to give you that fresh laundry feel and smell. At your request, odor and dye free laundry options are available for those with allergies.

If you’re planning to travel this season, take advantage of our travel folding service. For $1.25 per pound, we’ll get your clothes suitcase ready.

Dry Fold items are not pressed or ironed.

We can shorten, take in, hem, or adjust almost any piece of clothing while providing exceptional service and quality.

Don’t let moths and mold destroy your precious gown! Let us preserve it for a lifetime.

We start by cleaning off any stains, like cake or punch. We examine the train, removing any dirt. It is then dry cleaned and carefully boxed to safeguard it from moisture, dirt, bugs, light, and other environmental dangers. Our boxes are simple to store and feature an easy-view window.

Should you need your gown in the future, for your daughter perhaps, it can easily be removed and is ready for another chance to shine.

We also preserve other special garments including infant clothes, baptismal and confirmation gowns, etc.

By partnering with Jim’s Formal Wear, we offer the finest selection of mens formals for every special occasion. With a large variety of styles, colors, and accessories, we have what you need to look great for your next big event: weddings, quiceaneras, prom, work events, etc. Whatever your need, we have you covered.

Use the online tuxedo builder to pick your jacket, shirt, vest, and accessories. Write down your style numbers and come in for a fitting. You can also browse the catalog in our shop to find the best fit for you.

Costumes, especially those with sequins and countless layers of ruffles, can be difficult to clean for most dry cleaners. Nita’s, unlike our competition, are experts at servicing costumes and intricate garments. We have extensive experience by cleaning the costumes used by the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for their Halloween event, Spooktacular. You should see the mess those animals can make!

Pets and holiday parties bring us great memories along with gigantic messes. Gravy-stained tablecloths and fur-covered curtains are no problem for Nita’s! Our specialists have years of experience in caring for your larger items. From small area rugs to banquet sized table covers, we have the skills to keep your fabrics looking great.

If you are an event planner or own an event venue, take advantage of our bulk cleaning plans. We’ll make it easy and cost effective to get your linens ready for your next party.